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Products - TA Nucleus

TA Nucleus

TA Nucleus is a component of the Tuning Ace's Performance Suite (TAPS). Finally a product that gives the possibility of identifying solutions to data model issues that can result in performance issues today. TA Nucleus validates application structure and database settings together.

Let's face it, systems today are pushed in to production so fast that performance is not seen as a concern until the system is in production. Developers add new feature to a product all the time. Developers are concerned about functional issues, in other words getting the right answer. Most developers do not worry or really care about performance until the code hits production. In some cases, developers do not know that the data model has a direct impact on performance. For example, A missed Foreign Key index with Oracle changes how the database validates the relationship. This one oversight changes how can create dead locks and performance issues.

Have your system design validated to insure that the data model is not causing performance issues.

The Tuning Ace Nucleus component in the TA Tuning Ace's Performance Suite product is an Application Design and Validation checking component. It runs over 25 checks that are known to cause performance issues. Once these items are fixed, our customers usually see a reduction of load by 20 %.

By fixing the top 25 known design errors - performance improves.

If you want to save on license costs then using TA Nucleus helps improve over all performance.

For more info please email us at [email protected]