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Want to test drive of our product?

Email us and we will send you information on how to run a demo of Tuning Ace's Performance Suite (TAPS).

TAPS is designed to help fix performance issues.

Are you happy to spend more on your database license cost? Do you keep spending more money on CPUs for your system?

We have had customers reduce the number of CPUs needed to run the there applications by fixing the items TAPS has identified. How much are you paying for each CPU core? How much could you save if you could get better performance with just 1/4 of the CPUs?

Are your customers complaining that the system is slow?

Slowness in a system may not be the "Big SQL" that tools like AWR identifies. Slowness is the sum of all SQL hitting the database, this is why TAPS checks all of the SQL to identify solutions that will improve overall performance.

TAPS gives you the possibility of identifying solutions to your system problems - today.

TAPS has several components,
- The core component is Nucleus : TA Nucleus identifies issues in the data model from simple things like a column type mismatch to more complex issues like a missing index.
- Proton : looks at database. This is a complete review of all of the SQL running, not just the top 10 like other tools. TA Proton will identify issues from binding mismatches to missing indexes.

With TAPS you will know about issues that are causing performance issues before the load hits your system. Why wait for the Black Friday load to find the issues. We give you the possibility of finding the solution today.

Request a demo of TAPS

Our Performance Suite will identify items that are causing performance issues. Warning : It is not uncommon for this tool to find 1,000s if not 10,000s of issues!
Our Record is 79,632 items.